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The secret to arranging plants in the house

With a few tricks combined with the element of height, texture and layering are the factors that help you create the tree space of your dreams.

Rule number 3

Indoor plants should not be grouped in even numbers because items that come in pairs often create a feeling of luxury and rigidity. If you want the space to be natural and close, group the plants by odd numbers, usually three.

In addition to the number, you should avoid putting trees of the same height in a group because that way, they are easily mixed with each other. In each group of trees, at least one tree should be taller than the others. Ideally, a group of three trees with three different heights.

Note, when grouping plants, choose those that have at least one feature in common, such as the same spreading leaves or the same color scheme. Your group of plants will look more natural.

Nhóm ba cây với ba chiều cao khác nhau là cách sắp xếp phổ biến, dễ làm. Ảnh: La Résidence by Leon & George.

Grouping three trees with three different heights is a common, easy-to-make arrangement. Photo: La Résidence by Leon & George.

“Playing” with textures

Like furniture, plants can transform a space. When arranging indoor plants, think about structural contrasts. For example, rough goes with smooth, minimalism goes with detail.

If your house follows a minimalist style with very little furniture, you can choose detailed plants such as money needles to make the space less empty and boring.

On the contrary, if you have decorated your home with items such as carpets and textured sofa covers, choose plants with large leaves and clear shapes such as red buds or birds of paradise to balance. by sight.

Không gian đơn giản hợp với những loại cây nhiều chi tiết. Ảnh: La Résidence by Leon & George.

Không gian đơn giản hợp với những loại cây nhiều chi tiết. Ảnh: La Résidence by Leon & George.